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Swift legal action is imperative if you are facing a criminal charge. Our attorneys possess the legal insight to lead you through the entire criminal defense process; don’t go it alone. Honest, skilled attorneys are available to help you today.

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You want a heavy-hitter in your corner to work at protecting you from serious penalties that include jail time, fines and a permanent criminal record. Our goal is to protect your rights and offer you the strongest defense possible for your criminal case.

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Attorneys Joshua Edwards and Brian Petersen fight hard to give their clients a voice. So many times, especially in criminal cases, those charged feel lost in the system and without a voice. Attorneys Edwards and Petersen strive to help clients through the difficult process, making sure their stories are heard.

Attorney Joshua Edwards and Brian Petersen are licensed attorneys in Arizona. They are admitted to practice in all State and Federal Courts in Arizona. They both are members of the Arizona State Bar Association and the Maricopa County Bar Association as well as other local and National Associations. They are members of the J. Ruben Law Clerk Society and volunteer regularly with the Boy Scouts of America. Both men are passionate about representing their clients the services they provide. They work hard to ensure the best possible result for each client they represent.

A Sampling of Criminal Cases Our Firm Handles

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Domestic Violence

According to Arizona law, domestic violence can be charged when the victim and defendant are married, previously married, or live together in the same household, have a child in common, victim or defendant is pregnant by the other, or the victim is related to the defendant or his/her spouse by blood.

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Disorderly Conduct

A police officer has the right to charge someone with disorderly conduct when the the individual is: (i) disturbing the peace, (ii) drunk in public, or (iii) loitering. If you are facing these charges, don’t fight them alone, speak with one of our knowledgeable attorneys about your case today!

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Criminal Damage

The charges will vary depending on the value of the property damaged. With charges this serious, now is not the time to take your chances with a public defender. Instead, now is the time to get the legal representation you deserve at The Law Office of Edwards & Petersen.

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Criminal Speeding

In Arizona a criminal ticket is a serious issue for you and your future. If you are found guilty of the charge you will permanently have a criminal record. This means every time you fill out a job application, which asks the question of whether you have a criminal record, you will have to answer yes.

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Arizona law determines assault as intentionally causing physical injury to another person, placing another person in reasonable apprehension of impending injury, or knowingly touching another person with the intent to cause bodily injury or provoking such person.

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