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In Arizona a criminal ticket is a serious issue for you and your future. If you are found guilty of the charge you will permanently have a criminal record. This means every time you fill out a job application, which asks the question of whether you have a criminal record, you will have to answer yes. This is not only limited to job applications, but to college applications and for applications for most every professional license.

If you are found guilty of criminal speeding you could face the following penalties:

  • Jail of up to 30 days
  • $500 fine plus 84% surcharge
  • Class 3 misdemeanor

If the criminal penalties were not enough, the effects of a criminal speeding ticket on you vehicle insurance rates can be shocking and these increased rates can last for years. Our goal is to help you get passed the charges you face!

We fight to get the fines and penalties reduced, and/or the charge reduced to a civil violation, or the charges totally dismissed.

Our criminal speeding ticket defense process:

  • First, we create a personal file specifically designed for you and your case. This file contains, among other things, all the information gathered during our initial consultation and a continuing record of the progress of your case; allowing us to serve you at an optimal level.
  • Second, we draft several motions that need to be filed quickly on your behalf, including a notice of appearance, notice of our defense, and a motion for discovery.
  • Third, as we are working on your case we get in touch with the assigned prosecutor and begin negotiations pertaining to a potential plea offer.

Every case is different and results will always vary. While we cannot promise any results we can promise that your case will receive the attention it deserves and that our team of lawyers will do everything possible to achieve the most desirable result possible for you and your family.

We offer free consultations and flat fees, so please contact us today so that we can begin defending you immediately.

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