Parent Information Videos

The videos on this page walk parents through the processes and procedures of navigating the Maricopa County family courts.

Navigating Family Court
This introductory video explains the idea behind the video series and what viewers will find.

The Response
This video walks viewers through the responsibilities of the respondent (the person named in the petition), filing your reply, and consequences of failing to respond. It also includes instructions for petitioners who do not receive a timely response.

Court Hearings
This video explains what happens when agreement cannot be reached: court hearings. It also explains the mediation phase (ERC) that occurs before the actual hearing occurs. If agreement cannot be reached during ERC, you go before the Resolution Management Conference in front of your judge. The video explains the necessary forms and information petitioners and respondents must provide, as well as temporary orders, and explains consequences for failure to act according to guidelines.

This video explains what the judge looks at and considers during trials, including witness testimony and documents. The ruling may occur immediately following the trial or at a later date.

Additional Issues in Divorce Cases
This video explains the division of property (including the types of property), division of debt, spousal maintenance, and changing of the name for the wife.

How the Case Gets Started
This video introduces common terminology and the steps to file a legal case in Arizona courts. It follows the course of serving the petition, receiving the petition, and what you may and may not do during early phases of a divorce or paternity case, and consequences of acting outside these guidelines.

Consent Decrees and Stipulated Orders of Paternity
This video explains what happens when the other side files its response, including whether both sides agree or disagree and differences between divorce and paternity cases, as well as consent decrees and what documents to include with filings.

Settlement Conferences
This video explains the court’s goal with settlement conferences.

Issues and the Law
This video explains the main issues determined in a family law court: legal decision making, parenting time, and child support.

Helpful Tips
This video offers tips and advice regarding the family court system and limitations of courthouse staff in answering questions and problem solving.