Affidavit af·fi·da·vit /ˌafiˈdāvit/ noun This refers to a printed or written statement one makes under oath. She swore an affidavit in support setting out her case. Synonyms: oath, testimony, affirmation, sworn statement


Arraignment ar·raign·ment /əˈrānmənt/ noun This proceeding is when a defendant is taken to court, informed of the charges in the indictment and asked to make a plea. The defendant can plead ‘guilty’, ‘not guilty’ or ‘no contest’. The attorney advised his client to plead “no contest” at the arraignment. synonyms: accusation, charge, complaint, denunciation, impeachment, incrimination, indictment, prosecution

Arizona Endangerment Charge

Under Arizona law, a person commits endangerment by recklessly endangering another person with a substantial risk of imminent death or physical injury. Endangerment is deemed to be similar to assault, but it is not seen as being a deliberate attempt to cause harm. However, unlike assault, you can be charged with endangerment even if you do not actually harm or …