Arizona DUIs and Ignition Interlock Device FAQ

For the past three decades, every state in America worked to address and strengthen their DUI laws (including replacing the old DWI with the more accurate, inclusive DUI). Arizona in particular enacted a variety of strict penalties against drivers convicted of DUI, even on first offenses, which include an ignition interlock device   One of these penalties is the ignition …


Uphold up·hold /ˌəpˈhōld/ verb When the appellate court agrees with the decision made by a lower court and allows it to stand. The prosecutor wondered if the appellate court would uphold his claim for damages. Synonyms:confirm, endorse, sustain, approve, agree to, support champion, defend


Damages dam·ag·es /ˈdamijes/ noun If the plaintiff wins a civil case, the defendant must pay a sum of money. These damages can be punitive (punishment/prevent future poor conduct) or compensatory (for injury/loss). The defendant had to pay $100,000 in punitive damages according to the judge. Synonyms: compensation, recompense, restitution, redress, reparation(s); indemnification, indemnity