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In a covenant marriage, couples agree to go for pre-marriage counseling before tying the knot. It also entails that the couples accept more limited grounds for divorce if that becomes an option in the future. The couples who decide to participate in a covenant marriage also agree to wait for a longer time, more than one year from the time of separation, for their divorce to be finalized. This article details the benefits and potential drawbacks of a covenant marriage and why you should consider an Arizona divorce attorney if you have entered into a covenant marriage.

Reduces Divorce Rate

Proponents of Covenant Marriages feel that they help in strengthening the relationships of the couples who decide to enter into this type of marriage. One reason is that covenant marriages provide a framework of education about marriage and the couple’s role in strengthening society. This gives couples practical, resourceful information that can prevent the most basic causes of marital discord that leads to divorce. Another reason covenant marriages could be argued are successful is that many couples tend to fear the tedious divorce process that a covenant marriage requires. Divorce can tend to seem like a waste of time and resources in comparison to other alternatives, so the couple seeks other ways of eliminating problems in their partnerships rather than simply part ways. These few reasons often lead to a reduced divorce rate.

The Potential Problems of Covenant Marriages

As we have already stated, a covenant marriage must go through a much longer process for divorce. While this has its potential upsides, this is also potentially detrimental to a couple in a covenant marriage. Divorce may be necessary if abuse, drugs, child neglect, or other major problems arise during marriage. Without the option of a relatively quick divorce, a couple may be inevitably stuck in a harmful marriage that they can’t escape fast enough. Another drawback, depending on some people’s political backgrounds and views, is it may seem like the State is trying to control or dictate what they believe should be the ideal marriage, which may not fit the ideals of the couples themselves. For every couple, they should evaluate what their goals and beliefs are before getting married and consider from there whether a covenant marriage is worth it to them or not.

If Divorce is Inevitable

Over time, statistical analyses comparing covenant marriages and traditional marriages have shown that covenant marriages have a higher rate of longevity. Considering the divorce process is also much longer, the State argues that couples now have ample time to look deep into the benefits of marriage helping them to reflect on their differences. Nevertheless, there are still many circumstances and reasons that divorce may be the best option, especially when it comes down to abuse, violence, or any other unrepairable aspect of a marriage. In simple terms, covenant marriage is great if both parties are dedicated to improving and working collaboratively with one another, but they may require some help down the road if something happens to one or both of the partners. If you are in Mesa and are struggling in your marriage, visit with our Mesa divorce attorneys. Even if you entered a covenant marriage, we can help you with the entire divorce process to ensure you are adequately taken care of.

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