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So impressed!

Josh Edwards is an amazing attorney, he resolved my legal issues in a timely manner which was really necessary given my circumstances and he relieved a world of stress by treating me with respect and speaking clearly without being patronizing. He's very intelligent and knows what he's doing. He understood my situation and acted according to my wishes creating the outcome he and I had desired. I could honestly trust him with any legal issue and I'm so glad I went to him, I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone in need of legal assistance.

Jennifer January 27, 2016

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Legal advice concerning family law

Wow! I have never needed legal advice or consultation, so I am oblivious to family law and any court procedures. On a whim (or by divine guidance) I signed up with Avvo requesting a phone call. Mr. Edwards called within 5 minutes of my request and gave such clear and encouraging information. His service is worth so much more than I paid and I would consider him an excellent advocate for any unique or difficult legal family situation. Please do not hesitate to let this attorney advise you. He is knowledgeable, informative and he will not let you down. I gratefully sign my name, Catherine C

Catherine C January 27, 2016