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Thank you, Brian!

Good morning Brian,

I just wanted to let you know that Meghan and I both greatly appreciate everything you did for us in court yesterday and outside of court. I'm very aware that you went so much above and beyond what most attorneys would do given our financial agreement and we're just going thankful for what you did for us. Regardless of the outcome or what comes of it all, you have us a strong voice in court and a chance to somehow make things a little better for us. Thank you again.

Noah and Meghan December 28, 2015

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Honest and thorough

My wife and I had to deal with a child support modification issue with the ex-wife and thankfully we hired Brian to represent us. He was friendly, honest and candid with us as well as very thorough and he asked a lot of questions so he had a complete picture of our situation. We had a lot of questions of our own and as the hearing date approached we emailed and called with additional questions to which he was quick to respond and took the time to go over all of the possible scenarios with us. When the hearing date approached I was well briefed on what to expect and with his knowledge and expertise we were able to work out a very agreeable modification. He was well worth the time and money we invested and helped us achieve the best possible outcome under our circumstance. Hopefully we won't need a lawyer in the future but if we do we will definitely be giving him a call. Thanks Brian!

Client January 27, 2016