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Peace of mind

I never dealt with any legal matter in my past and never in my life thought I would have to hire an attorney. Not only was the circumstance extremely stressful but I was also skeptical of finding a good lawyer who CARES to represents my case. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. After a recommendation to Edwards&Petersen and having Mr.Edwards represent my case, I knew with confidence that it was the right choice. What won me over was his honesty, knowledge and punctuality. Communication was fantastic the entire time any questions or concerns would be answered no more than 24hrs if not less. Mr. Edwards is knowledgable and extremely confident and his actions were proof. My case was a success and I understand not every case will be that way but if I or someone one I know who is ever into legal bind I would not hesitate to contact Mr.Edwards. Going to court is overwhelming but at least knowing hiring the right attorney gives me peace of mind.

Criminal Defense Client January 27, 2016

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Thank you, Brian!

Good morning Brian,

I just wanted to let you know that Meghan and I both greatly appreciate everything you did for us in court yesterday and outside of court. I'm very aware that you went so much above and beyond what most attorneys would do given our financial agreement and we're just going thankful for what you did for us. Regardless of the outcome or what comes of it all, you have us a strong voice in court and a chance to somehow make things a little better for us. Thank you again.

Noah and Meghan December 28, 2015