Know Your Rights for DUI Defense in Mesa

Arrested for a DUI? Never assume that you’re guilty even if your BAC is higher than 0.8%

Mesa, AZ DUI know your rightsAcross the United States, someone dies every 33 minutes in a vehicle accident caused by a motorist driving under the influence of alcohol, according to statistics from the Arizona Department of Public Safety. As a result, a DUI conviction in Arizona carries severe penalties, including mandatory jail time. Even if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is less than .08, you can be convicted of being impaired to the slightest degree. Furthermore, if you are caught with a BAC of more than 0.08% (0.05% for commercial vehicle drivers), fines and penalties increase. If you are under 21 and have any alcohol in your system while driving, you will also be charged with DUI.

Many people in Arizona are not aware of their rights. Many of them plead guilty when they may not necessarily need to do so, and the result is a criminal record and a spell in county jail. If you are charged with DUI in Arizona, don’t hesitate to contact us; we would be delighted to represent you.

Below, we have a few quick tips to keep in mind if you are arrested for DUI; learn them well, for they could prevent you from being found guilty.

If You Are Arrested for DUI, Remember this Advice

  • During any DUI trial, the prosecution will focus on how you were driving when the police pulled you over, how you acted during initial questioning and what your field sobriety test results were. Write down all of this information to challenge inconsistencies.
  • Never assume that you are guilty if your BAC is higher than 0.08%. The prosecution has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt, that all testing procedures were properly carried out.
  • When you are arrested, the police will look to extract a confession from you. It is essential that you say nothing about the incident to anyone except your lawyer. No matter what the police say, you have NO obligation to speak to them, nor must you discuss anything related to your case without your lawyer present.
  • Do not hire anyone other than an experienced DUI lawyer to represent you in court. A business lawyer, for example, will not have the intricate knowledge of DUI laws in Arizona that a specialty attorney has. This could be the difference between conviction and your case getting thrown out of court.
  • Once you have left the police station, your code of silence must continue. You cannot talk to anyone about your DUI charge, because this could be used against you in court. By discussing the incident with family or friends, you are placing them under stress. Anyone you speak to about the arrest can be called to testify against you in court.
  • A DUI conviction will lead to jail time and a large fine. This could have a trickle-down effect on other aspects of your life. Be sure to spend some time with your DUI lawyer discussing defense options and the possible consequences of a conviction.
Joshua Edwards and Brian Petersen of Edwards & Petersen Law Firm

Joshua Edwards and Brian Petersen of Edwards & Petersen

Even if you are arrested on a DUI charge, you are innocent until proven guilty. Let the attorneys at Edwards & Petersen, PLC help you understand and protect your rights.


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