Arizona DUIs and Ignition Interlock Device FAQ

For the past three decades, every state in America worked to address and strengthen their DUI laws (including replacing the old DWI with the more accurate, inclusive DUI). Arizona in particular enacted a variety of strict penalties against drivers convicted of DUI, even on first offenses, which include an ignition interlock device   One of these penalties is the ignition …


Uphold up·hold /ˌəpˈhōld/ verb When the appellate court agrees with the decision made by a lower court and allows it to stand. The prosecutor wondered if the appellate court would uphold his claim for damages. Synonyms:confirm, endorse, sustain, approve, agree to, support champion, defend

De Facto

De Facto de fac·to /ˈdi ˈfaktō,dā/ adverb A Latin term meaning ‘actually’ or ‘in fact’. This is something which is a fact but not a matter of law. De Facto, the defendant was at her mother’s house when the crime was committed. Synonyms: in practice, in effect, in fact, in reality, really, actually

Due Process

Due Process due proc·ess /d(y)o͞o/ˈpräˌses/ noun This is a constitutional guarantee of a fair and impartial trial for the defendant during a criminal trial. It also refers to the rights of an individual/entity having property/liberty threatened during a civil case. The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution has many component statements about due process. Synonyms:actionability, applicability, constitutional validity, constitutionalism, …

Federal Public Defender

Federal Public Defender fed·er·al pub·lic de·fend·er /ˈfed(ə)rəl/ˈpəblik/diˈfendər/ noun When the federal courts hires an attorney for defendants unable to afford legal counsel. This program is administered in accordance with the Criminal Justice Act. A Federal Public Defender represented the defendant because he could not afford to hire an attorney. Synonyms: right to counsel, Public Defender


Indictment in·dict·ment /inˈdītmənt/ noun When the Grand Jury issues a formal charge which states there is enough evidence to suggest the defendant could have committed the crime; this is deemed to be justification for a trial. Indictments are normally used in felony cases. On the 26th of June, accompanied by fourteen others, he presented to the grand jury of Westminster …


Acquittal ac·quit·tal /əˈkwitl/ noun When a defendant is found not guilty via jury verdict or the judge finds that there is not sufficient evidence to support a conviction. The defendant’s case resulted in an acquittal. Synonyms: clearing, exoneration, absolution, discharge, release, freeing, formal exculpation


Brief brief /brēf/ noun Refers to a written statement which is offered during a trial; it explains the legal and factual arguments of one side of the case. The lawyer worked on the brief for the case for hours, making sure he had all the facts. Synonyms:compendium, conspectus, depiction, extract, legal abstract, memorandum of law, outline, statement of the case, …