Writ writ /rit/ noun This is a written court order which either outlines an action someone must take or prevents them from taking certain action. The writ stated that the two parties were not to see each other before the court date. Synonyms: summons, subpoena, warrant, arraignment, indictment, citation, court order

Exclusionary Rule

Exclusionary Rule ex·clu·sion·ar·y rule /ikˈsklo͞oZHəˌnerē ˌro͞ol/ noun This relates to evidence found to have been obtained in violation of a criminal defendant’s statutory and constitutional rights; such evidence is to be ‘excluded’ and is inadmissible in court. Because the suppressed evidence was not the product of an illegal seizure, the exclusionary rule does not apply. Synonyms: rule of evidence


Appeal ap·peal /əˈpēl/ verb If one party loses on one or more issues during a trial, it can launch an ‘appeal’ which is a request for a higher court to review the decision as a means of deciding whether or not the decision was correct. The party that appeals is the ‘appellant’ while the other party is known as the …