Determining Arizona Child Custody: Which Parent Gets Custodianship?

A significant number of Arizona parents reach agreements on child custody with very little court involvement. When it comes to those parents who are unable reach an agreement, the family court steps in and the Court must consider a variety of factors when making its decision.

Arizona Child Support FAQs

Although paid to the custodial parent, Arizona child support technically supports the child. The reason? Until they reach the age of 18, children have a legal entitlement to financial support from their parents. An order of child support is a requirement issued by a judge. Failure to follow the order results in penalties. Some common, and not so common, questions …

Statute of Limitations

Statute of Limitations stat·ute of lim·i·ta·tions /ˈstaCHo͞ot/əv/ˌliməˈtāSHəns/ noun In some cases, a lawsuit must be filed or a criminal prosecution needs to begin within a set period of time which varies depending on the type of crime/civil case. Seven years had passed since the crime had been committed, so the statue of limitations prevented the prosecution with filing charges.


Tort tort /tôrt/ noun This is a civil wrong rather than a criminal one. It relates to an intentional or negligent injury against property or a person. Breach of contract is deemed to be an exception. He was suing for several torts that the man committed. Synonyms: negligence, damages, assault, battery, fraud, wrongful death, conversion, trespass, defamation, libel, slander a


Injunction in·junc·tion inˈjəNG(k)SHən/ noun This is a court order which prevents a named party or parties from taking any action. A preliminary injunction is normally issued to give the judge enough time to determine if a permanent injunction is justified. An anti-smoke injunction in 1908 closed the furnaces in the immediate vicinity of Salt Lake City. Synonyms: order, ruling, directive, …

Bankruptcy Code

Bankruptcy bank·rupt·cy /ˈbaNGkˌrəp(t)sē,-rəp(t)sē/ noun When individuals/businesses have serious financial problems, it is possible to follow the legal procedure known as bankruptcy as a means of dealing with debt issues. This specifically relates to one of the chapters of title 11 of the US Code also known as the Bankruptcy Code. The man had so much debt that he had no …