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Car accident

The state of Arizona witnessed 856 fatal car accidents in the year 2016, a number that resulted in the deaths of 952 people, and calculates to the death of approximately 2.61 persons per day. This high rate of death and the frequency of fatal car accidents in our state are unacceptable, and facts that our Mesa car accident attorneys at the law office of Edwards & Petersen, PLC find harrowing.

Our lawyers are passionate about representing those who have been involved in car accidents and their family members and are equally as interested in determining common factors that contribute to fatal car accidents and ways of mitigating fatal crashes as such.

Common Factors that Contribute to Fatal Car Accidents

Car accidents occur for a number of reasons, ranging from distracted drivers to broken traffic devices and many more. But fatal crashes are especially concerning, and the factors that contribute to fatal car accidents are often unique. Consider the following factors that often contribute to car accidents that result in the loss of life.

  • Speeding. Speeding is not just a common cause of car accidents, but a common cause of a fatal car accident. Indeed, the faster a vehicle is traveling, the greater the risk of accident, and the greater the risk of serious injury or death resulting from this accident. This is based on physics, which tells us that force is equal to mass multiplied by acceleration. Logic holds, then, that the faster a vehicle is moving, the more force involved in a collision. The more force involved, the greater the extent of damages.
  • Alcohol-impaired driving. Another common cause of car accidents that is strongly associated with an increased risk of fatality is alcohol-impaired driving. To be sure, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) reports that nearly 29 people per day die in alcohol-related crashes in the United States. What’s more, about one-third of all crash fatalities in the U.S. involve drunk drivers.
  • Angle of impact. A third significant risk factor that affects whether or not an accident will be fatal is the angle of impact of the motor vehicles involved. The least deadly collision type is a rear-end crash (although these crashes may be fatal in some cases); the most deadly collision type is a head-on crash. T-bone accidents and rollover crashes can also lead to fatalities.
  • Seatbelt use. Finally, the use of a seatbelt may be lifesaving. The NHTSA reports that the number of lives that could have been saved if a seatbelt would have been used is 2,456. Unfortunately, there are more than 25 million people around the country who still don’t buckle up.

Get Help if You’ve Lost a Loved One in a Fatal Crash

If your family member has been killed in a fatal car accident, our hearts go out to you and your family. Our Mesa car accident attorneys understand the tragedy you’re dealing with and your feelings of grief and anger.

While nothing can change what has happened, filing a car accident claim and pursuing financial compensation can offer a sense of closure, and provide your family with the economic support you need. To learn more, please call our Mesa car accident lawyers today for a free consultation. We are here to support you.

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