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In Arizona, a criminal ticket is a serious issue for you and your future. The penalties – which depend on the circumstances of the incident – can have a life-changing impact and can throw a wrench in the future you envisioned for yourself.

At Edwards & Petersen | PLC, we fight to get the fines and penalties reduced, and/or the charge reduced to a civil violation, or the charges totally dismissed. No matter how futile your case seems, rest assured that there is hope. We have helped numerous people in the East Valley face criminal speeding charges and find a positive outcome at the end. Consult with our criminal speeding defense attorneys in Mesa to discuss your unique situation.

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Penalties for Criminal Speeding

If you are found guilty of the charge, you will permanently have a criminal record. This means every time you fill out a job application – which asks whether you have a criminal record – you will have to answer yes. This is not limited to job applications, but extends to college applications and applications for most every professional license.

If you are found guilty of criminal speeding, you could be facing:

  • Class 3 misdemeanor charges
  • Jail time up to 30 days
  • $500 fine plus 84% surcharge

If the criminal penalties were not enough, the effects of a criminal speeding ticket on your vehicle insurance rates can be shocking, and these increased rates can last for years.

Our Approach to Speeding Ticket Defense

At Edwards & Petersen | PLC, we don’t believe in offering cookie-cutter solutions. No cases are the same, and no two cases should be handled the exact same way.

That said, we do have a rough outline of how we approach criminal speeding cases.

Our criminal speeding ticket defense process includes:

  • Creating a personal file specifically designed for you and your case. This file contains all the information gathered during our initial consultation and a continuing record of the progress of your case, allowing us to serve you at an optimal level.
  • Drafting several motions that need to be filed quickly. On your behalf, we’ll draft a notice of appearance, a notice of our defense, and a motion for discovery.
  • Getting in touch with the assigned prosecutor. As soon as we get to work on your case, we’ll contact the prosecutor and begin negotiations pertaining to a potential plea offer.

Though no criminal defense attorney can ever guarantee a certain result, we are confident that our firm has what it takes to tackle your case effectively.

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I couldn't have made it through the most difficult time in my families' lives if it weren't for the support I received from Brian Petersen and Josh Edwards.

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