Writ writ /rit/ noun This is a written court order which either outlines an action someone must take or prevents them from taking certain action. The writ stated that the two parties were not to see each other before the court date. Synonyms: summons, subpoena, warrant, arraignment, indictment, citation, court order


Warrant war·rant /wôrənt,ˈwä-/ noun A court authorization for a search to take place or an arrest to be made. Law enforcement officials usually ask the court for a warrant. The judge issued a warrant for the man’s arrest. Synonyms: authorization, order, license, permit, document; writ, summons, subpoena; mandate, decree, fiat, edict


Verdict ver·dict /ˈvərdikt/ noun A jury or judge’s final decision which determines the guilt or innocence of the accused; the verdict is also the final outcome of a civil case. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Synonyms: judgment, adjudication, decision, finding, ruling, decree, resolution, pronouncement, conclusion, opinion


Uphold up·hold /ˌəpˈhōld/ verb When the appellate court agrees with the decision made by a lower court and allows it to stand. The prosecutor wondered if the appellate court would uphold his claim for damages. Synonyms:confirm, endorse, sustain, approve, agree to, support champion, defend


Tort tort /tôrt/ noun This is a civil wrong rather than a criminal one. It relates to an intentional or negligent injury against property or a person. Breach of contract is deemed to be an exception. He was suing for several torts that the man committed. Synonyms: negligence, damages, assault, battery, fraud, wrongful death, conversion, trespass, defamation, libel, slander a

Statute of Limitations

Statute of Limitations stat·ute of lim·i·ta·tions /ˈstaCHo͞ot/əv/ˌliməˈtāSHəns/ noun In some cases, a lawsuit must be filed or a criminal prosecution needs to begin within a set period of time which varies depending on the type of crime/civil case. Seven years had passed since the crime had been committed, so the statue of limitations prevented the prosecution with filing charges.